What does a Purdue CARET member do?

In addition to helping the organization achieve its goals, a Purdue CARET member’s responsibilities include:

Responsibility of Area Committees:

  • To review, analyze, and support State and Federal initiatives that concern objectives, and responsibilities with the mission areas.
  • To review and study long-term trends in the mission areas that affect the counties in the Extension Areas served by the land-grant university.
  • To review, analyze, and support county, state, and federal appropriations required for the effective functioning of the land-grant mission.
  • To present policy and program concerns and needs to the Dean of Agriculture and Directors.
  • To serve as advocates at the county, state, and federal levels for the land-grant university mission, programs, and activities.
  • To identify and elect members to serve on the State Committee.
  • To replace representatives from the Extension Area who are unable to fulfill their responsibilities to the State Committee. Replacements will fulfill the remaining term of the vacated seat

Is it important to communicate with legislators?

Almost every day, members of a local, state, or federal legislative body make decisions that affect your life and the lives of generations to come. Legislators help mold the shape of tomorrow’s education system. They tackle issues ranging from technology and trade to business and agriculture. They are as concerned about highways and infrastructures as they are about health care.

Indiana legislators have your future in mind. Even when they debate the problems and issues of the day, they are aware of the impact their decisions will make. But government doesn’t work without citizen input. Thousands of people in Indiana government work on many levels to address your problems and concerns. They want to know what you think.

Thousands of bills and resolutions are introduced with each session of the Indiana Legislature, even more at the federal level. For a legislator to make an informed decision, he or she needs feedback from interested people. Communicating with a legislature is your opportunity to “be an expert”.

We depend on legislatures for leadership, and that means they must make the tough decisions based on what they feel is right and based on the best information at hand. Communicating is your chance to contribute.

Telephone calls, letters, e-mail, or personal visits let your legislature know that you care about your future and making Indiana better for future generations. Every contact is valuable.

Is it important to communicate with legislators? You bet!

The role of the County Extension Director in Purdue CARET

The County Extension Director (CED) in each county serves as an ex-officio member of the area Purdue CARET committee. County Extension Directors attend and assist with area Purdue CARET meetings and events. Functions that County Extension Directors carry out to support area and state Purdue CARET events and activities include:

  • Coordinate the selection of three (3) county Purdue CARET representatives in cooperation with the County Extension Board Chair. The members are: the Extension Chair or his/her appointee and two others. Appointees need not be current members of the Extension Board. The County Extension Board and/or CED may select additional individuals to attend Area Committee meetings. They serve in a non-voting capacity.
  • Assisting with area Purdue CARET activities by coordinating communication and promoting participation among membership.
  • Facilitating communication with county Purdue CARET representatives.
  • Supporting Purdue CARET members as they serve in leadership roles at the area and state levels of the Purdue CARET organization.
  • Encouraging participation of county representatives in area and state activities.
  • Securing funds for county Purdue CARET dues.
  • Hosting area Purdue CARET activities and events.

The role of the District Director in Purdue CARET

The District Director serves as an ex-officio member of the area Purdue CARET committee and the executive committee. It is the District Director’s responsibility to advise and support area Purdue CARET efforts and to coordinate area Purdue CARET educational activities. Responsibilities within the district in include:

  • Serving as a communications link with Purdue CARET membership and Extension staff with regard to area and state Purdue CARET activities and events.
  • Maintaining area Purdue CARET lists.
  • Coordinating area Purdue CARET meetings, events and activities in cooperation with the area Purdue CARET officers and County Extension Directors.
  • Serving as an information resource for area Purdue CARET membership.
  • Assisting with the coordination of state Purdue CARET activities, such a​s the Legislative Luncheon, state Purdue CARET meetings and other events.