We look forward to opportunities to share the successes of Purdue Agriculture research, extension, and teaching with some of our state’s lawmakers. As we prepare for these meetings, here are resources available to help us tell the Purdue Agriculture story:

Purdue Extension and Agriculture Research: Indiana’s Educational Partner for Life

Everything we do helps make life better. Nothing is more fundamental about life than food, agriculture, health and nutrition. We believe in the power of education. We teach people to grow crops, raise animals, build communities, and strengthen families in sustainable ways. We work through partnership – from volunteers to funding. We make life better in Indiana and we need your support.

Growing food, Growing Communities

Purdue Extension partners with local communities to not only grow and supply nutritious food, but also grow partnerships, education and ultimately strengthen people.

Growing Food, Growing Communities – Fact Sheet

Johnnie Mae Farm, formed from a partnership between Purdue Extension and the city of Fort Wayne, Ind., is a small, urban farm that provides affordable, fresh produce to a community that otherwise has limited access to food.

Community Gardens Across Extension

Championing Mental Health

Purdue Extension brings life-saving courses and resources to Indiana, supporting mental health in rural and urban settings.

Championing Mental Health – Fact Sheet

Addressing farm stress 

The Purdue Extension Farm Stress Team supplies practical tools to help farmers address the day-to-day stresses and difficulties of owning and operating a business often subject to many challenges and uncertainties. Visit the Purdue Extension Farm Stress website to learn more. https://extension.purdue.edu/farmstress/

Farm Stress 2-page Infographic

Mental Health First Aid

Trained Purdue Extension Educators offer the Mental Health First Aid program across the state to educate individuals about how to interact with and support someone who may be developing a mental health issue or experiencing a crisis. Visit the Purdue Extension Mental Health First Aid website to learn more. https://extension.purdue.edu/mhfa/

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

Purdue Extension helps individuals at any stage of life become local leaders — equipping them with the necessary skills and abilities to build vibrant communities by using research-based resources that help these leaders guide their decisions where they live, learn and work.

Indiana 4-H’er Leads Nationally

Indiana 4-H’er Madelyn Zimmerman is the 2021 4-H Youth in Action Agriculture pillar winner, Indiana’s first. Her experiences at Kosciusko County 4-H led her to be a passionate advocate for 4-H, agriculture education, and inclusion. Learn more about her story here.

Caring for Communities

Purdue Extension cares for Indiana communities, fulfilling needs as they arise and providing practical resources for all.

Purdue Extension Supports Communities Across Indiana

Discovering a STEM World

In fields and classrooms, Purdue Extension is providing access to new technologies that solve worldwide problems applicable to animal and plant science, nutrition and engineering.

4-H Success Across the State by County

Indiana Latino Expo Interview: Reaching new audiences in Indiana with 4-H and STEM

Preparing Hoosiers For Their First Job

From homework to working at home, Purdue Extension helps people across Indiana prepare for work by advancing their digital access and providing workforce training for Indiana communities.

As more farms adopt precision agriculture technology, the industry will need people with proven skills in data science, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and more. PurdueExtension’s Digital Agriculture Curriculum piloted at the Heartland Career Center, prepares students for jobs in agriculture through experiential learning.

Purdue Extension: Leading the way in UAVs

Purdue Extension and Purdue College of Agriculture are leading Indiana’s way in technology outreach through the agricultural use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In three years, more than 200 people have participated in the UAV program with a pass rate over 95 percent. Read more about those efforts here: https://extension.purdue.edu/uav/

Innovations in Extension and Agriculture Research

Bovine Respiratory Disease meets Purdue digital agriculture

PCARET State Conference & College Updates

2020 PCARET State Conference


VetMed College Update

Agricultural Science & Extension for Economic Development (AgSEED) Research Website